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Temisca Golf Sand

For many years Opta Minerals is supplying sand for the golf industry.

Our sand experts work closely with golf course designer. We supply high quality sand that meets the USGA recommendations.

Available Sizes and Profiles:

Particle Size Distribution USGA Guidelines Temisca Golf Sand
Very Coarse Maximum 10% 2.0%
Course Medium Total > 65% 81.8%
Fine & Very Fine Maximum 20% 14.3%
Total Sand   98.1%

Criteria for good bunker sand evaluation

  Criteria Temisca Golf Sand
Silt and Clay < 3% 1.8%
Crusting Tendency None No Crusting Tendency
Fried Egg Lie Tendency < 2.5 g/cm3 - none 2.6 g/cm3 - none
Particle Shape Angular - Sub-Angular Sub-Angular & Sub-Rounded
Acid Reaction Non-Calcareous Non-Calcareous
Colour Generally Whiter Sands preferred. White/Off-white to light tan

According to Golf Course Management, the sand selected for bunkers should have less then 3% silt and clay.

Our high quality bunker sand has a consistent structure and the right density and sizing to provide the firmest ball support.

Other advantages:

  • Sub-angular grain shape adheres to bunker slopes
  • Provides quick draining to eliminate puddles
  • Non crusting surface requires less raking
  • Washed and free from impurities and organic material
  • It has the right colour to avoid glare problems
  • Over the years hundreds or golf courses have their bunkers filled with our sand
  • Emerald Hills Golf Club situated in Stouffville (Ontario, Canada) hosted the Nations Cup in July of 1999, which is part of the LPGA tour. The bunkers are dressed with Temisca Bunker Sand coded as USGA bunker cream.


Colour: White, off-white to light tan
Fried Egg Lie Tendency 2.6 g/cm3 - none
Grain Shape Sub-Angular & Sub-Rounded


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