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Water Jet Cutting

Ecojet Garnet for Waterjet Cutting

Ecojet is an almandine Garnet and also mined from beaches in India. The basic processing, such as magnetic separation and screening, is applied. Ecojet is washed with fresh water.

Ecoject is a lower priced Garnet abrasive and has earned a good reputation in the application of waterjet cutting. Ecoject is particularly manufactured for using cutting nozzles with a smaller orifice. Ecojet performs very well for cutting thinner alloys and non-metal substrates, such as glass, plastic, ceramics, etc.


  • Unlimited resources and large inventories
  • Washed with fresh water
  • Available from various warehouse locations in USA, Canada, Europe and Middle East


Typical Standard Sizes (% Retained)

MM US Mesh #80
0.425 40  
0.300 50 7.0
0.250 60 18.4
0.180 80 54.8
0.150 100 14.8
0.125 120 3.6
PAN   1.4
% of Garnet (average)   98.0
Conductivity (uS/cm) Typical 42.26
Guaranteed 250
Chloride (ppm) Typical 10.67
Guaranteed 50
Suspended Solids (mg/l) Guaranteed < 2500

Conductivity (uS/cm): Refers to the presence of ionic contamination on the abrasive grain's surface
Chloride (ppm): Refers to the amount of chlorides and other soluble salts on an abrasive
Suspended Solids (mg/l): Refers to the tiny particles, which are only visible when Garnet is put into water and shaken

Technical Specifications

Symbol Name Percentage
SiO2 Silicon Dioxide 35-40
Fe2O3 Iron Oxide 31-34
Al2O3 Aluminium Oxide 18-20
MgO Magnesium Oxide 6-7
CaO Calcium Oxide 2-3
MnO Manganese Oxide 0.5-1.0
TiO2 Titanium Dioxide 1-4
SiO2 Crystalline Silica < 1


Specific Gravity: min. 3.9
Bulk Density: 2.1 g/cm3
Hardness: 7.5 Mohs (see our hardness index)


  • 55 lb. or 25 kg paper bags; 55 lb. or 25 kg polypropylene bags in a super sac;
  • 1 MT (2200 lb.) in a super sac

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